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“Cancel” updates of an app in Android

When a developer releases a new version of its application, some users don’t agree with the changes and want to get back to the previous version. For example, Twitter makes a lot of changes in the Android app, and sometimes those changes are good, sometimes aren’t.

In this case, this post is an idea of an app I use for years, almost when I bought my first Android phone, and it’s Quickpic. Recently a company brought this app, and for some experience, it’s not going to be well, so after some research I got a way to “cancel” futures updates of an app.

What do we need to do this magic?

*NOTE: this tutorial was written on Windows, so it’s not ready for *nix users. I’ll write it to add the necessary steps, sorry!*

Let’s do the magic!

You have to edit the signapk.bat file in order to puth your Java installation path. If the path has spaces it must be between “ “.

  1. Put the APK in the root of the auto-sign folder, JUST ONE APK.
  2. Open a cmd window and go to the signapk’s file (or keep shift key and right click, you see an option to open cmd on signapk’s folder).
  3. Execute the bat file (signapk.bat).
  4. If you don’t get any error in the process, you’ll see a new file called your_signed_apk.apk, which is the apk with the new sign.
  5. Install the new apk and hold on for a new update. Play Store should say it’s already updated and doesn’t allow to update it.


When an apk is released in the Play Store, the developer signs the apk with a key. That key is the same for future releases of the same apk. If you change that sign (it means sign the apk with a different key), it’s not the same apk for the system (but for the user), because the app doesn’t have the same key (it’s called key mismatch), so it shouldn’t update anymore.

Be careful!

Developers (and companies too) aren’t stupid. When they release a new version, they might change stuff that breaks previous versions of the app. For example, if you install a really old version of Twitter and try to sign in, probably you’ll get some errors.

So do this magic, but think about it before you do anything foolish.


All credit of this post goes to reddit’s user toggafasitrex for his comment. It’s the same content, but for storing purposes.

I hope this post help you to keep the app you want.